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Package Menu



  • Thai tomato soup

    with coconut milk, chicken and red curry

  • Carrot Soup

    summery carrot soup with star anise, garlic croutons, and Monchou cream cheese with lovage oil

  • Carpaccio

    with rocket, Parmesan cheese, pine seeds, chives and truffle mayonnaise

  • Sashimi and Tataki

    hamachi sashimi, tuna and beef tataki with hajikami ginger sprout, tsuyu no moto, tosaka nori, and nori seaweed tempura



  • Pork Tenderloin and Fennel Carrots

    roasted fennel carrots, fried pork tenderloin, slow cooked “pork cheeks”, served with porcini mushroom gravy

  • Iberico Ribfingers and Garlic

    marinated Spanish pata negra (black footed pig) rib fingers, "boneless spare ribs”, sticky and spicy served with an intense, sweet chili-garlic sauce

  • Tuna and May Turnip

    grilled tuna steak, served with may turnip cream, baked tomato, glasswort, and a beurre noisette of roasted almonds and capers

  • Brill and Zucchini

    risotto of Zucchini with fried brill fillet, tay soy-and-shallot beurre blanc, served with Dutch shrimp tempura

  • strozzapreti en burrata

    organic red lentil pasta with soft cheese and pesto, buffalo burrata, pecan nuts and mustard cress



  • Dame Blanche 3.0

    white chocolate, vanilla parfait and dark chocolate sauce

  • Amstelwijck Sherbet

    3 sorts of sherbet ice cream with fresh fruit, fruit coulis and whipped cream

  • cheesecake and White Yoghurt

    yoghurt ice cream served with cheesecake, amarena cherries and a five-spice crackling

  • Brownie and Oreo

    Oreo cookie ice cream with a lukewarm brownie, Stroh rum eggnog, and a “Haagse hopje”-crackling